CIGRAC 2020⁺¹ will be held in Lisbon, at the LNEC Congress Center  housed in the LNEC Campus.
LNEC campus has a privileged location, due to its proximity to Humberto Delgado International Airport and is close to several Lisbon city accesses, offering parking for participants. The Congress Center has spaces for different scientific and technical activities, and there is also an experimental campus where demonstrations of specialized heavy equipment can be held.

Avenida do Brasil, 101
1700-066 LISBOA
38º 45' 31" N
9º 8' 28" W

Lisbon city

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and has a charm that makes it a unique city. From the Sun and its fantastic light, through history, Fado, Architecture, the Portuguese artistic sidewalks, the pastry and the most awarded restaurants, and many other attractions that you can discover. To better know the Portuguese capital and to find details on travelling to Portugal follow: